Car washes and Magic Mutt pet washes are open 24 hours
The Laundromat is open 7am to 10pm (last load must be started by 9pm


Built in 2014, this stainless steel laundromat features washers ranging in size from 20lbs up to 80lbs! Our dryers range from 30lbs to 80lbs.

In a hurry? Take advantage of our Drop Off Service. Magic Wash will wash, dry, and fold your laundry for $1.19 a pound.

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Car Wash

All locations feature touchless and soft touch automatic options as well as self serve car wash bays. High powered vaccum stations and care care product vending is also available.

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Magic Mutt

Magic Mutt Pet Wash is open 24 hours a day and features two heated pet wash bays with stainless steel tubs and leash attachments. Included shampoos are oatmeal, tearless, and flee/tick. Other included amenities are conditioner, pet deodorizer, pet vacuum, and blow dryer. $13 for 15 minutes.

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Full laundry services available accepting and processing Wash-Dry-Fold laundry as normal. Most drop -offs done same day. So if your short on time do your laundry in 4 minutes, tow minutes to drop it off, and later two minutes to pick it up. Wash, dried and folded just like mom did it! Any questions call the washguy at 608-695-3383


You, Your Car, and the Car Wash

Why You Should Wash Your Car Often

Cleans vehicles don't rust.
Regularly washed vehicles retain a higher value when resold.
Wisconsin winters bring corrosive salt and sand out onto the roads, and then onto your car.
Harmful industrial fallout and acid rain can damage the finish on your car if not washed off.

Why You Should Wash at Magic Wash Car Washes

  • At a professional car wash like Magic Wash we use about 40% less water than at home.
  • The chemicals at Magic Wash are designed to clean and treat a vehicle's finish (not do the dishes or the laundry).
  • Our self serve bays and our automatic bays have the most modern equipment to keep your car looking new.
  • All of our waste water is treated through the sanitary sewer system and disposed of properly, saving our lakes.
  • Your car is a direct reflection on you, and when it's clean, you feel better.
  • Convenient locations that are open 24/7.
  • Attendant on duty daily to help with your washing needs.

Why You Should Skip the Wash at Home

  • When washing at home, most people use whatever chemicals are handy. These chemicals (like your dish soap or laundry soap) were designed for other purposes and may strip the finish right off your car.
  • The cost may be higher than you think. By the time you purchase tire chemicals, engine cleaner, bug remover, tar remover, proper detergent, wax etc., you have likely spent more than the cost of a couple of washes at Magic Wash.
  • That sponge you were going to use? Who knows where the kids used it last.
  • Having no spot free rinse at home may leave your car with water marks, causing it to look like it hadn't been washed at all.
  • And last, all those soaps and chemicals that were used head down the driveway, down the street and right into our lakes.