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Magic Wash was formed January 1, 1997. The new year included a purchase of an existing 10 bay self-serve car wash in Middleton, Wisconsin. Since then two touchless automatic bays have replaced two of the self serve bays.  In March of 2013 we did some more remodeling!!  We added a state of the art laudromat, 2 self-serve dog washes and 4 new self-serve bays!  And in the fall of 2015 we put in a brand new Soft Touch automatic wash!!  We now have a "Touchless"  and "Soft Touch" wash!  Come check us out!!  We are always adding new features and upgrading our beautiful wash!

In September 2003 a new location for Magic Wash opened at the corner of 4811 Pflaum Road and Daniels Street on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin. This location has six self serve bays and two touchless automatic bays.

Magic Wash, Inc. is owned and operated by The Foor Family.