Steps to a Cleaner Car

You, Your Car, and the Car Wash

Why You Should Wash Your Car Often

  • Cleans vehicles don't rust.
  • They retain a higher value when resold.
  • Wisconsin winters bring corrosive sale and sand out on the roads, then on your car.
  • Harmful industrial fallout, acid rain can damage the finish on your car if not washed off.
Why You Should Not Wash at Home
  • When washing at home most people use whatever chemicals are handy. These chemicals (like your dish soap or laundry soap) were designed for other purposes and may strip the finish right off your car.
  • The cost may be higher than you think. By the time you purchase tire chemical, engine cleaner, bug remover, tar remover, proper detergent, wax etc., you may have spent more than the cost of a couple of washes at Magic Wash.
  • That sponge you were going to use? Who knows where the kids used it last.
  • No spot free rinse.
  • And last, that little toxic spill you are making goes out the driveway, down the street and right into our lakes.
Why You Should Wash at Magic Wash Car Washes
  • At a professional car wash like Magic Wash we use about 40% less water than at home.
  • The chemicals at Magic Wash are designed to clean and treat a vehicle's finish (not do the dishes or the laundry).
  • We have the most modern equipment in our self serve bays as well as our totally touchless automatic wash bays.
  • All of our waste water is treated through the sanitary sewer system and disposed of properly, saving our lakes.
  • Your car is a direct reflection on you, and when it's clean you feel better.
  • Convenient locations.
  • Open 5am to midnight, 365 days a year.

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