Our Founder: Dan Foor 1960-2021

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As a true entrepreneur, at just thirteen years old, Dan Foor started out delivering newspapers on a paper route. As he grew, so did his entrepreneurial spirit. Dan graduated to the coin operated business sector when he took ownership of a candy vending machine route. Many years later, after four other successful ventures, and with coin operation still in mind, Dan opened the Clothes Encounter Laundromat.

After selling this successful Laundromat in 1988, Dan purchased a ten bay self-serve car wash in Middleton, WI. With this purchase, Magic Wash, Inc. was born. In 2001, Dan expanded Magic Wash Inc. by building a second location in Madison, WI. Over the years, Dan has continued to update each location with the newest self-serve and automatic car wash technology to ensure that customers receive the best car wash possible. A family man with five children himself, Dan realized that customers in today's busy world would benifit from having a facility where all washing needs could be taken care of at once. With that, Cars, Clothes, and Canines was born. In 2014, the Middleton location opened a state of the art stainless steel Laundromat. The Laundromat features washers and dryers able to accommodate laundry loads from 20-80lbs. The Laundromat also offers a laundry Drop Off Service. Soon after, both the Middleton and Madison locations unveiled Magic Mutt Pet Wash. Both locations have two heated pet wash bays with all the amenities needed to clean your Canine.

Today, Magic Wash's two locations are thriving and being ran be his two successors, Dalton Foor and Carly Foor.

Magic Wash, Inc. is owned and operated by The Foor Family.

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