Magic Wash now offers Magic Mutt! These pet wash bays are climate controlled year round. The bays contain stainless steel tubs with leash attachments so you can easily pamper your pooch without the mess at home.

Middleton -  $13.00 for 15 minutes and includes all of the amenities below.

Madison (brand new) - $13.00 for 15 minutes and includes all of the following amenities below. 

Our dog bays allow you to choose your shampoos and products to customize the experience to fit your dog's needs:

Oatmeal shampoo
Flea and Tick treatment
Tearless Shampoo
Doggy Right conditioner
Doggy Disinfectant

After applying product, rinse with the heated rinse water and dry your dog with our air dryers.

Attendant on duty from 7 am to 9 pm everyday to answer any questions you may have.  Cash, coin, debit, credit cards, and even checks (if an attendant is on duty) can be used for payment.

Magic Mutt

A clean pet is a happy pet, who has an even happier owner.