What Magic Wash Car Wash Can Do for You 

Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments, and must be maintained to keep its value.
You change the oil and lubricate it: get regular tune-ups, change the belts, check the batteries, hoses and tires. But what about its appearance?

The sun's ultraviolet rays work to fade and oxidize the paint's finish.

Pollution and other industrial contaminates can stain and discolor your car.

Bird droppings, tree sap, bug guts, and road tar can further damage your vehicle's finish.

Wisconsin's winters bring on salt, sand and other chemicals applied to our roads and bridges, eating away at your vehicle's finish.

Washing your car at Magic Wash can solve these problems and give you piece of mind knowing your car will last longer and retain a higher resale value.

Why Our Totally Touchless Automatic's Best

  • The most modern equipment available on the market today.
  • We apply two different pre-soak detergents to your car (not just one).
  • Our automatics measure your car. This allows a closer wash ALL the way around (other car washes wash the size of a Suburban all the time even though you're driving a Honda Civic, thus not getting the rear of the car clean).
  • No brushes or cloth spinning to scratch your car.
  • Tri-Foam waxes and clear coat conditioners.
  • Spot free rinses (believe it or not, not all car washes have this yet!)
  • Dry time. We provide one of the longest dry times in the area with a count down timer, so you know how long you have left.

Why Our Self Serve Bays are Best

  • We use the best chemicals in the market place.
  • High pressure. Our self serve bays are set to 1100psi.
  • Hot water wash.
  • Foaming brushes to clean off even that baked-on dirt (others don't have these).
  • Count down timers in every bay. This allows you to know how much time you have left (other car washes don't have these).
  • Last coin alert. We have a buzzer that sounds with one minute left. This allows you to add just a quarter to keep washing.
  • Spot free rinse. No more towel drying (not all other washes have this feature).
  • WashCard works in all self serve bays.
  • Attendants on duty daily during the busy times.