Does keeping my car professionally washed help retain the value?

Appearance is the first thing people look for in a used car. If a car's finish turns buyers off, it's virtually impossible to get a good price - no matter how well the car runs. Used car managers agree. When they have two identical cars, both mechanically fit and comparably equipped, appearance really makes the difference. The car, which is noticeably rusted, dull and spotty, will sell for significantly less than the same car with a showroom finish. Proper care of the car's appearance will definitely pay off. 

Why doesn't my car get the same shine when I wash it myself?

Household detergents, even "mild" dish washing soaps, are designed to work in hot water and cut through grease. Household detergents can strip away wax, leaving your paint unprotected. Professional car washes, like Magic Wash, use specially formulated chemicals to remove tough dirt and grime. These products were made for only one purpose in mind, and that's to make your car look great. 

How often should I wash my car in cold weather?

It depends. If your car is exposed to corrosive materials like salt, sand, and industrial fallout, it should be washed often, some times as much as twice a week. The same goes for vehicles in areas with high humidity. Moisture attracts contaminants and promotes a variety of chemical reactions that can destroy your car's finish. Frequent washing is essential to prolong the life of your car's chrome and painted surfaces.

In seasons or climates less conducive to corrosion, a wash every two weeks may be adequate. In areas with acid rain, a wash every ten days is advised. Of course, these estimates may vary depending on whether your car is kept in a garage or outside in the elements.

Does waxing really make a difference?

Waxes and polishes serve three primary purposes:

  • Improving the shine
  • Cleaning a car's finish
  • Protecting a car's surface against environmental damage

Most waxes and polishes contain very mild abrasives, chemical cleaning agents, lubricants, and waxes. The cleaning agents remove surface oxidation and leave a high gloss finish. The clear film acts as a protective barrier for the car's surface. Regular cleaning and waxing reduces oxidation and provides a layer of protection to keep the finish looking new.

Will the wash bays accept dollar coins?

Yes, all of our vacuums, vendors, self serve wash bays, and our automatic wahses will take dollar coins, quarters, dollar bills, and cards.

Does the automatic machines accept credit cards?

Yes, customers may use credit cards, cash, coupons, or participate in the WashCard System.

What is a WashCard?

A WashCard is a plastic card, similar to a debit card, that can save you money on washes. Every time you purchase or reload a WashCard, you receive an additional 20% of the total value added. Pre-paid cards are available out of the vending machines. Call Dalton at 608-695-3383 to set up a fleet account for your business today!

Do I Save Money by using a WashCard?

Yes, when you buy or recharge a WashCard online or at the vendor you will receive an additional 20% in services for being a loyal Magic Wash Customer. We thank you for your business.

Where can I use my WashCard?

The card will work at all vacuums, self serve bays, automatic bays, and Magic Mutt bays.

How can I buy a WashCard?

At each location we have a WashCard vending machine where you can use cash or a credit/debit card to purchase a WashCard. You can also purchase these in person at the counter or online.

Can I recharge my WashCard?

Yes, when you recharge your WashCard either online or at the vendor you will receive a 20% bonus in services (i.e., you buy a WashCard for $40, we put $48 worth of value on your WashCard).

What do I do if I have a problem?

Stop by the office at the location you're at and see the attendant; we have staff at the wash during peak times. If the attendant is unavailable, there is a comment box for you to use. If you need immediate assistance, please call our emergency number 608-695-3383. This number is posted in several places around the wash.

Do you offer fleet or business accounts?

Yes, however all fleet sizes are different. Please email Magic Wash at to inquire.

Will all the machines take quarters?

Yes, all the machines will accept quarters. All machines will also accept the gold dollar coins.

Do you have hot water?

Yes, all self-serve bays have a hot water wash, and all automatics use a hot water presoak.

What size car, truck or van will fit in the wash bays?

Magic Wash can accommodate many sizes of vehicles, from a Mini Cooper to a Hummer. Our automatic car wash bays have a clearance of 90" (7 feet and 6 inches). The self-serve bays @ 4811 Plaum Rd are 12 feet in height and 7 feet in height at Middleton.

Is Magic Wash environmentally friendly?

Yes, washing your vehicle at home could send the water and chemicals into the street and down the storm drain, which ultimately flows straight into our lakes. When you wash at Magic Wash, the water and chemicals go to the Sanitary Treatment Plant for processing, keeping the lakes clean for all of us to enjoy.

How often should I wash my car?

We suggest 2-3 times a month, and more often in the winter.

What are your hours?

The car wash and Magic Mutt services are available 24/7. The Laundromat is open 7am to 10pm daily, the last load of laundry must be in the wash by 9pm.

Does Magic Wash close if it rains?

No, we are open rain or shine!

Can I wash my convertible at Magic Wash?

Yes, but you should be aware that our automatics use high pressure and if the top leaks the inside may get wet. The best way to check your top is simply to drive with the top and all windows up. If you hear a lot of wind noise the top is not water tight and will leak in the auto bay. For this we suggest you wash in one of the self serve bays where you can control the water flow.

Can I put wax on my convertible top?

Yes, in fact we recommend our triple shine wax for convertibles. When applied this wax will help condition your top and keep it from drying out.

My new car has a clear coat paint finish. Is it okay to wash at Magic Wash?

Yes, all our chemicals are formulated for new car finishes.