Get With The Program

Magic Wash Car Wash is proud to provide its customers with the convenience of the WashCard®.  It's the easiest way to wash your car without the hassle of exact change or quarters. To use your WashCard®, simply select your desired wash, and swipe the card through the WashCard® reader. When the balance runs low, recharge your account with cash or credit on site, or recharge it online!
Residential customers can purchase a prepaid WashCard®, with no charge for the card itself. The balance of the card can be added to at any time. Furthermore, we add an additional 20% of the total value you add to your WashCard, every time. If you purchase/add $100 to a WashCard, we will add an additional $20 to your balance. Receive more services and save yourself some hassle by buying a WashCard today! 

Register or Manage Your Cards Here!

Great for Businesses and Fleet Customers!

For commercial accounts, we offer monthly billing and discounts. A detailed invoice will be sent to your business, allowing you to view the date and time of each wash. Each card can be programmed to an individual person, vehicle, or department. For more information, and to inquire about a Fleet account and discounts, email 

Purchase a WashCard from our dispensing and recharging unit on location or purchase online!